An Outrageous Shock and Awe Comedy 

The Haji Show is satirical, shock-and-awe theatrical production that debunks Middle Eastern stereotypes while opening a Pandora’s box of today’s most sensitive topics around race and politics.

“I NEED PROCESS ALL OF THIS” 100% of Audience at Brooklyn’s Premiere 

The Haji Show’s 2 day only premiere in Brooklyn was a smash hit (of sorts)!
Stay tuned to see if the Haji Show will pop up again.


If you felt a little dizzy and had tons of notes …” then we counted you as the indoctrinated!

“Wow, that was crazy. I can’t believe I liked it and I can’t figure out what part was the most offensive.”
– Extreme left audience member  

“I have so many notes, but I’ll wait.”
–  90% of audience

 “The interview with artist Loved interview with Nicky Nodjoumi! –  Jackie Alvarado

Congratulations to all of the performers and the crew and most of all to Roger who created the Haji character to begin with. I know how much work and effort must have gone to making this wonderful insane (in a good way) Show!! I kind of want to see it again because it was too much to consume and process in one shot! My friends liked it a lot too!  Thank you 🙏 😅😍 – FAN

“Still trying to process it all.” – 100%

“I’ll give it 4 stars if you take the priest jokes.”

– A Catholic

“Aren’t those fake breads for sale really racist? Bulk up, son. I think this is part of the show.”

– Woke audience members

It is amazing to ‘see’ all that you want/need to say and express however, to keep your vision alive to performance is incredible! I always knew that Haji was extremely bright…..and cute. His writing, acting, dancing, singing and stamina are impressive!!! So glad we got to see The Haji Show! Everyone was awesome and Haji you RoCk!!!

That was amazing. I loved all it but can you make it so the Smurgh and Ball Eagle tie?
– Mega Fan

“The brilliant show was uncomfortable, silly, emotional, hilarious, embarrassing, scattered, confusing, and terrifying with a post-show refrain of “I’m still trying to process everything.” The word I’ve used the most is “insane.” But if for just one second I can remove my ego and fear of what others think (which is a massive feat) what I experienced was truly amazing.

What was that essence that punk had before it was placed in a box and defined? This is that. What I experienced was something that was in a word completely “unique.” It’s a mental feat to piece together Haji, with background videos, images, and hypocrisy of merchandising, mixed with no safe space for Haji or us. I believe the show’s soul rests in the quiet spaces. Nicky Nodjoumi and The Persian Mick Jagger’s Sympathy for the Devil.” – Completely unbiased review by Haji’s Wife.

Those pistashios we won were really good.” – Are They Iranian game contestants! 

I was stunned at how great the show was. Funny, crazy, thought-provoking, and well produced. It could have easily fallen apart at any point, but instead it pulled the audience in and took it on a a wild ride that made you want a third act at the end. Roger is incredibly talented and inhabited the character amazingly well (think Sacha Baron Cohen and Borat but much edgier and more thought-provoking). This show has got to go on the road! Southern California next??? Congratulations!!!!! – FAN